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parakeets make great pets Keeping birds as pets dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where birds were bestowed as special gifts among the wealthier classes.

Mynah birds in particular were bred in India for thousands of years and have always been highly prized for their mimicking ability. For the same reason, the amusingly vocal parrot has been raised as a pet in China since at least the Zhou Dynasty (11BC-256BC).

In the Western world, pet birds only reached the same kind of popularity during the Victorian era, when no proper household was considered complete without a canary singing in the parlor housed inside a cramped, ornate cage.

Most popular pet birds, care & feeding

Today, the canary is still considered the most popular caged bird for sale in local pet stores followed by parrots, cockatiels, finches, and lovebirds. And, thankfully, more modern methods of keeping birds includes a more appropriate cage size recommended by pet experts: all of whom agree -- the bigger the better!

From there, differing opinions arise over most other subjects of bird care -- from the amount of water, food and grit you should serve everyday to how often your pet bird needs a bath.

On the Web, discover a wealth of facts and information on raising pet birds, their proper care and feeding, or join millions of other pet bird lovers in active chats, forums and message boards for more tips and advice on how to keep your special pet chirping happily for years to come....

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