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horseGrooming, proper horse nutrition and feeding, good hygiene, and plenty of exercise are the key ingredients to keeping your pet horse or pet pony fit and happy.

Understanding horse behavior comes in handy, too, especially when it comes to gentle horse discipline and training so necessary for a good relationship between you and your equine pal.

Considering buying a horse? You won't just be horsin' around:

• Horses are BIG, they run fast, and need lots of room to roam and romp so think carefully if you don't have enough room at your place to keep a horse. (Typical boarding stable costs? $1,000 a month.)

• If you don't have a vet nearby that specializes in horse health you might want to opt instead for a nice, big dog.

• Horses are also more expensive to feed and maintain than any other pet, never mind the shoeing, the saddlery, or the unexpected vet bills should your horse become seriously ill.

little girl with pet horseThat said, the rewards of horse ownership are great. Among friends and family, who else can say they finally got that pony they always wished for as a kid? Just remember that it comes with a deep commitment to time, money, and caring for your horse to keep it healthy, thriving and happy.

Around the Web, saddle up for a virtual trip to learn more about pony care and feeding, horse grooming and exercise, and discover a stable full of horse and pony pictures feature articles, lists of horses for sale, and classifieds to view or post....


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