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Pet RabbitBunny rabbits are surprisingly curious and sociable, and can be trained to fit right into most households as beloved members of the family. Like the typical family pet, rabbits come in a variety of breeds, sizes, shapes and colors.

Cute, soft and cuddly, they make great gifts at Easter, but be aware that rabbits are ravenous eaters. They will exhibit a lifelong habit of chewing and gnawing (i.e., on your sneakers or furniture) so along with regular feeding it's best to learn early about bunny chew toys to keep bunny safely occupied.

Exercise is also vitally important for the domestic house rabbit, so caging is fine, but be sure to provide daily regular activity for your bunny to keep it healthy and happy. Rabbits don't especially like to be held or manhandled, but often show a sense of fun and mischief when left to their own devices. Like a pet cat, a rabbit also can actually be heard to purr when they're contented, and are easily litterbox trained.

On the Web, burrow down for more information about buying or adopting a new pet bunny rabbit, with tips and advice on their care and feeding, health and safety, behavior and training ...

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Rabbit Advocate - Rabbit Adoption & Care - Oregon-based non-profit with facts and info on the shelters they maintain, along with guides to rabbit care, behavior, training and housing.

Rabbit Language - or "Are you going to eat that?" - Check out a funny/serious discussion on communicating with your pet rabbit, from the viewpoint of an experienced owner, with related links and info on behavior and training, care and feeding.

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