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Yorkshire TerrierThe origins of the cute, courageous and fiercely independent Yorkie can be traced back to the north of England in Yorkshire during the 19th century.

From much larger terrier breed - commonly trained as rat catchers - the Yorkshire Terrier has since evolved into a much smaller toy breed beloved by millions of U.S. and U.K. dog owners.

Much like another popular small breed, the Shih Tzu, the Yorkie is a long-haired breed with a coat similar to human hair and, with far less dander, may be a favored choice among those prone to dog allergies.

Yorkshire Terrier behavior & personality

Yorkshire Terrier
"Ben", a mid-19th
century Yorkie.

As many owners can tell you, Yorkshire Terriers' perhaps most endearing quality is that they never realize their pint-size limitations, with the boldest of them likely to face danger with all the self-confidence of a German Shepherd.

Their intelligence and independent nature may present difficulties with early socialization and house training, which often require patience and consistency rather than harsh treatment (or worse, over-pampering), lest they grow up to be nervous and withdrawn.

Sometimes as picky as cats at mealtime, Yorkies sometimes need extra time to find a favorite flavor or brand of food before settling into a regular feeding regimen.

Care & Health

While they are less prone to shedding than other breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier does require constant grooming and brushing to avoid the coat becoming a mess of tangles.

yorkieYorkies make great family pets, but extra care should also be taken around younger children to prevent from rough play and accidental injury. For this reason, many breeders or adoption agencies will reject an application for a Yorkie from families with small toddlers.

Diseases & conditions common to Yorkshire Terriers include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), intestinal illnesses and bronchitis. As they mature, Yorkies are also congenitally prone to diseases affecting the liver, kidney or thyroid gland.

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