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police car lightsAccording to the United States Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics there are nearly 13,000 general purpose local police departments nationwide who employ 100 or more officers.

Browse below for the official websites of the top 20 largest local police departments in size order, by total number of full-time sworn personnel.

Learn about their history, community outreach, anti-terrorism programs, and job training and hiring information:

  1. NYPD New York City Police Department

  2. Chicago Police Department

  3. LAPD Los Angeles Police Department

  4. Philadelphia Police Department

  5. Houston Police Department

  6. Detroit Police Department

  7. Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department

  8. Nassau County NY Police Department

  9. Baltimore Police Department

  10. Miami Dade County Police Department

  11. Dallas Police Department

  12. Phoenix Police Department

  13. Suffolk County NY Police Department

  14. San Francisco Police Department

  15. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  16. Boston Police Department

  17. San Diego Police Department

  18. Milwaukee Police Department

  19. Memphis Police Department

  20. San Antonio Police Department

More about U.S. city police departments & agencies around the Web:

- Check out police departments in the U.S. with a clickable map to all 50 states, including a related community forum, news & job listings.

Additionally, many local jurisdictions utilize sheriffs as their primary law enforcement entity. See the National Sheriffs Association for a directory of all U.S. state and county sheriff's departments nationwide.


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