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Established academic organizations formally join to collectively explore the intellectual endeavor of tackling the expansive areas of law and legal issues.

By laboring together, these organizations produce an accomplished end with the most comprehensive, free, and accurate internet resources for legal researchers and easily accessed below.

American Law Institute (ALI) - An organization of judges, professors, and lawyers helpig to clarify the wording of law for better understanding, and publishes its findings which are cited frequently by the courts and sometimes adopted as primary law.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) - Hosted by the Institute of Advanced Studies, London and the Law Faculty of the University College Cork this site has 46 databases covering 7 jurisdictions of freely accessible British and Irish Public Legal Information.

Canadaian Legal Information Institute (CANLII) - Comprehensive collection of Canadian case law initiated by The Federation of Law Societies of Canada, an umbrella organization of the 14 Canadian Law societies hosted at the University of Montreal's Public Law Research Center.

LLSDC'S Legislative Source Book - Law Librarian's Society of Washington D.C., this collaborative website offers links, contact information and makes available a valuable source for state legislatures, laws, and state regulations.

World Legal Information Institute - (WorldLII) - Access to free global legal information from 473 databases of 55 countries including 21 international databases provided by the Faculties of UTS and UNSW.


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