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Private corporations and citizens complete the range of free material available for legal research, policing, for academics, or to simply quench an interest in the law. This collection of links provides the final worthwhile sites from which to create a full picture of the law.

American Law Source Online (ALSO) - Law - A compilation of links to on-line sources of law for the United States. It also has links for Canada & Mexico.

Case Law 4 Cops - A site created to assist police officers for finding case law specific to the work of law enforcement.

Find Law & Law Crawler - This portal which originally was prepared by Northern Californian Law Librarians remains a comprehensive index offering an excellent starting point for finding Internet resources on most legal topics. - A portal with more than 2 million links organized as a useful index of comprehensive resources including U.S. and international law firms, associations, jobs & career listings, document libraries.

Internet Legal Resource Group - This Delaware LLC-owned categorized index of more than 4000 select websites in 238 nations can be accessed by subject with an emphasis on the U.S., also featuring the search LawRunner.

Katsuey's Legal Gateway - . Categorizes links to legal and factual Web-based resources including criminal and family law.

Law Moose - Access to law-related Web sites by legal topic, U.S. federal, state and international law, related directories, The Internet Law Library and more.

Law on the Web - Gateway site by Martin Davies, a leading expert in the Law of England and Wales, aims to make law easily accessed and understood by making available updated legal information on it's more than 140 pages.

Law and Policy Institutions Guide - An annotated guide for web-based resources in government as well as law. (Law an Technology Resources for Legal Professionals) - A free web journal by the founder of LLRX and current editor Sabrina I. Pacifici full of valuable information on a wide range of Law on the Internet.


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