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lawA police officer must be well-versed in all aspects of the law to properly enforce it. Law enforcement must also rely on a broad spectrum of sources to come to sound conclusions. Every smart cop knows that although it is good to obtain as much information as you can, the source must be scrutinized before you can apply it.

Compiled in a clear and concise manner this tailored selection of essential up-to-date research sites has been sorted for convenience.

Just ahead, also see additional legal resources from government agencies, law firms, law schools and universities ...

also see -> Government Legal Resources | Law Firm Resources

Law Schools & Universities
Academic Institutions

More Law Resources


Click on each resource in the order listed to find and properly research legal issues :

How to
Law Guides and Videos - Boston College - Designed to teach users how to find and understand legal materials.

Start with Secondary Sources
Wex - Law Encyclopedia (Cornell LII)
Tarlton Library - Content pages from law reviews
American Law Institute (ALI) - For the status of Restatements of the Law drafts.

For General Research
Find Law - legal search engine
Public Legal - Search with an emphasis on U.S. law
Law Engine - A less extensive but easy to use legal search engine for more general research.

For International or Foreign Research
World LII
Guide to Law Online

For United States Research Statutory Sources

State Law Resources

Case Law Sources
Find Law - Cases & codes
Legal Information Institute-LII - Listing of state legal material
Lexis Nexis - Large subscription database offers access to cases free


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