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off diuty cop onlineIn a profession as stressful as law enforcement it is essential to have channels of relaxation and open communication with those who relate to what we actually do. The role of rescuer can be a heavy burden if there is no one to share your experiences with.

It is important to express views, keep up on current issues, review the viewpoints of others with whom you agree, or get a new perspective on things from those with whom you don't.

Here is where cops can kick back, curl up, or vent in online forums, chat rooms, and social communities along with sites for firemen and EMT and other rescue workers to use and enjoy. Forums - The extensive forums section of this well established police site features discussions from around the world

NYPD Rant - Join the fray as NYPD officers vent their viewpoints.

The Corrections Connection - An interactive online community targeted towards correction officers Forums - Forums for firefighters, emergency medical and first responders - Forums for security guards and those in the residential, commercial and industrial security industry Forum - Discuss matters relating to policing the United Kingdom and more.

UK Police Online - Busy message boards by category including tips & advice for student officers with information on fitness tests, professional development, road policing, special constables, police support staff, job listings.

GermanCyberCops - Members from all over Germany and some other countries contact fellow policemen by e-mail or just chat along in German.


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