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1950's finned tail lightsWith America a new world leader following World War II, the 1950's saw returning GI's finding jobs at booming industries.

At the end of the day, a dream house awaited in the suburbs. Or did it?

Underneath the innocent "Happy Days" decade lay the dark underbelly of nuclear war, the fear of communists (they were everywhere) as well as teen rebellion and -- gasp -- a new genre of music called rock 'n roll that promised to corrupt the entire youth of the nation!

Just up ahead, grab your coonskin caps and letter sweaters for a trip to Fiftiesville and a return to the days of greasers, hula hoops, sock hops, Lucy & Desi, Elvis and beatniks, plus a great collection of 50's slang, fun facts and trivia ...

Crazy, Daddy-O!

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Patti Page
Traditional artists like Patti Page (photo), Perry Como, and Connie Francis were still major radio stars in the early 50's until....
Elvis Presley
Lip curling, hip-shaking Elvis shook up the music world with a brand new music genre called rock 'n roll, creating an American teen culture.
Doo Wop music group The Chords
Doo Wop groups like The Chords (and their hit "Sh-Boom") also introduced black R&B music to white audiences for the first time.
James Dean
James Dean became a poster boy for 1950'a teen angst in film roles such as Rebel Without A Cause (photo, 1955); and East of Eden (1955).
creature from the black lagoon
"B" horror movies including Creature from the Black Lagoon (photo), Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and The Blob thrilled 1950's movie goers.
cary grant in north by northwest
Meanwhile, Alfred Hitchcock produced a string of classic hit thrillers such as Rear Window (1954), Vertigo (1958) and North by Northwest (1959).

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