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cameron diazThe popular animated voice of Fiona in the Shrek movie franchise, as well as her hyper-animated performances in the Charlie's Angels movie franchise, actress Cameron Diaz was born in San Diego, CA on August 30, 1972.

At age 16, Diaz left high school to become a model, eventually working her way up to the exclusive Elite modeling agency.

Ambitious to start a film career, at age 21 she was cast in her breakthrough role opposite Jim Carrey in The Mask, followed by a series of smaller films.

Critics and audiences alike were eventually hooked with an endearing, underdog performance opposite superstar Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding. She then followed that with her highly popular role in There's Something About Mary in 1998.

Two years later, Diaz joined up with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels big-screen adaptation of the television classic, in which she invited audiences along for a tongue-in-cheek performance that saw all three actresses mixing it up in slapstick comedy scenes and lots of high-speed action.

cameron diaz movie roles
Steely resolve hidden behind a ditzy persona and smokin' sexuality has won Cameron Diaz a place in the
hearts of movie goers worldwide for roles in There's Something About Mary, as the famous voice of Fiona
in Shrek, and in the Charlie's Angels franchise for which she became one of Hollywood's top paid actresses.

Diaz gave an equally famous performance as the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek, another box office hit, along with a string of performances in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, and in Martin Scorses's Gangs of New York opposite Leonard Dicaprio before joining the ranks of mega star Julia Roberts as one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Offscreen, the actress was romantically linked to pop singer Justin Timberlake until a much-reported breakup in early 2007. Announced in February 2007, the actress became a key spokesperson in bringing worldwide attention to global warming in her efforts to help stage the Live Earth concerts on July 7, 2007. That same year, Cameron Diaz was heard reprising her role as Fiona in the next installment in the Shrek franchise, Shrek The Third, and co-starred with actor Ashton Kutcher in the comedy ""What Happens in Vegas" in 2008.

Following her appearance with actor Tom Cruise in the action adventure movie Knight and Day in 2010, Diaz next starred in The Green Hornet in 2011. In 2012, she followed up with a starring role in Bad Teacher opposite her ex, Justin Timberlake.

In addition to Timberlake, offscreen the actress has also been romantically linked to actor Matt Dillon, world champion surfer Kelly Slater, and most recently to Yankee baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

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