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Fashion TrendsWhat defines fashon?

Paris used to be where designers all over the world looked for the latest in au currant.

Top fashion designers have since found inspiration in everything from handbags of the rich and famous to street smart outfits worn by everyday people in larger urban areas. And, of course, fashion is always changing with the times -- if not this very second!

Just up ahead, check out top looks through the decades as well as top resources around the web that explain pop culture's enduring influence on fashion:

James Dean
Young men in the 1950's did away the jacket and tie to emulate stars such as James Dean (photo) and rock star Elvis Presley.
Hippie fashion
The 1960's hippie movement inspired long hair, handbands, tie-dye fabric, flower prints, love beads, and bell bottom jeans.
farah fawcett hairstyle
The 70's layered look worn by Charlie's Angels TV star Farrah Fawcett created a nationwide craze for "Farrah hair".
In the 80's MTV helped launch the career of pop star Madonna who also went on to become the decade's major fashion trendsetter.
Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Will Smith sported the 90's hip hop style of XXX large shirts & pants, baseball caps & big gold chains. .
Zooey Deschanel @ Virgin Music Festival 01
Everything old was new again in the 2000s as Zooey Deschanel helped popularize classic looks from the 1960s and 1980s.

Elsewhere around the Web, take the grand tour of high fashion with what's happening right now in fashion capitals worldwide -- plus resources for finding designers, magazines and cyber salons online, and timelines in fashion history ....

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More about fashion and pop culture around the Web: - Slick, hipper-than-thou design and attitude, but a great stop for finding the digital digs of major fashion magazines, designers and shops, art and design studios, plus fun stuff for wasting time at work, and a career section offering guides and how-to's for breaking into fashion.

Fashion 411 - With photo galleries of the latest designs and what's coming down the runways in fashion capitals around the world, along with shopping guides, designer and manufacturer directories, fashion jobs and career resources.

Elle - Pop Culture - Check out all the beautiful people, reports on trend setters and the hottest street styles, the latest fashions from Hollywood, and lots more.

Fashion History - The sweep of fashion over two decades in words and pictures - from Mary Quant and the rise of the mini skirt, to the 70's punk scene and disco wear - plus special looks at sports and fitness fads throughout the era. And more about 1990's Glamour, Glitz and Power Dressing.


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