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Harry Potter activities, ideasBringing the Harry Potter series into the "Hogwarts" classroom, at a Harry Potter party, or your playroom at home is a great idea for capturing a child's interest and encouraging reading, and ..having fun!

Harry Potter games and activities can range from simple party fun to involved math and science projects.

Quizzes, word games, music, chess, and plenty of other educational and exciting activities can be tied into Harry Potter that most school age children are involved in.

Below, download our free resources to get you started including a Harry Potter word search, Harry Potter word scramble, and Harry Potter maze:

harry potter maze harry potter word scramble harry potter word search

And, just up ahead -- have a look at some of more top resources for Harry Potter fun and educational activities to see what you can conjure up for your next school or home group get-together....

More about Harry Potter activities around the Web:


Teaching Themes - Harry Potter: Everything You Need - From (who else?), which offers a treasure trove of fun teaching resources including crafts and activites, classroom projects, book discussions, and lots more.

Harry Potter Activities, Printables and Lesson Plans - Here's a great directory of sites for finding math, science, and writing activities, games, craft projects, and more.

Harry Potter Activities Including Crafts, Puzzles, Printables - Find related word searches, crossword puzzles, fun craft ideas with complete instructions, coloring pages and more from Activity Village.

Harry Potter Math Stories -  The train from London to Hogwarts travels 150 miles and takes 3 hours. What is the train's average speed? And more.....

Harry Potter haiku - Get kids interested in poetry with this fun poetry form.

Life Lessons from Harry Potter - Check out a slideshow from chronicling - for kids of all ages - the moral and spiritual lessons found in the Harry Potter saga.

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