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The next generation of Harry Potter  in the Weasley Family TreeIn the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends, family relationships are extremely important. Pure blood wizards can often trace their ancestors through the centuries.

The most familiar family tree is the Black tapestry that Sirius explains to Harry in the Order of the Phoenix, but there are other sites online that explore the complex intermarriages of other pure blood families.

Marriages to muggle borns, like James Potter and Lily Evans or Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger added new lines to many family trees, but may not have been recorded in some genealogies. The Weasleys are an exception to this. Muggle friendly, they warmly welcome those born with one or no magical parents into their family circle.

JKR has been playing around with the Weasley family tree with tantalizing thoughts of an eighth book of adventures. Instead of Harry Potter and friends, the heroes and villains would be their children... the next generation of young wizards at Hogwarts.

The constant addition of supporting materials published since the final battle shows that the draw of Hogwarts is still strong. She's said that if she does work on another Potter series book, it won't be for another ten years or so. Having spent seventeen years creating the first seven books, it's only fair that Jo have some time to spend on other personal adventures. But there's always hope that in time she'll miss the wonders of the magical world she's created as much as her fans do...

More about Harry Potter family history around the Web:

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The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black - Here's more from the Harry Potter Lexicon, with excellent detailing of the Black family tree with excerpts from the books where Sirius explains some of the family connections to Harry.

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