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jamie foxxBorn Eric Bishop in Terrell, Texas on December 13, 1967, Jamie Foxx spent most of childhood with his grandmother after his parents separated. He excelled in school, sports and music, later assuming the role of choir director at his local church.

At U.S. International University in San Diego, Foxx's college days were spent studying music formally while beginning a stand-up comedy career in front of college audiences. That experience eventually earned him a spot on the original TV lineup of In Living Color, where other now-famous actors got their start, including Jim Carrey and the Wayans brothers.

From his TV appearances, Foxx won his own television spot in 1996 on the WB network's The Jamie Foxx Show, followed by various comedic movie roles in such films as The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Booty Call, and The Players Club.

1999 marked his debut in a dramatic role as a star quarterback in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday.

Jamie Fox in Any Given Sunday, Ray, and Django Unchained
From his Hollywood debut in Any Given Sunday (1999), Jamie Foxx went on to win an Oscar for
Best Actor in Ray, (2004) and starred in the critically acclaimed Django Unchained (2012).

With several other minor movie roles to his credit throughout the next several years, 2004 was a high point in his career with appearances in no less than four critically-acclaimed films. They included starring roles in Shade and Redemption, (playing Crips youth gang member, Stan "Tookie" Williams). And Foxx later held his own against Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in his role as a cab driver in the thriller, Collateral, and gave a powerhouse performance as the legendary Ray Charles in the biopic, Ray for which he won a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award and an Oscar for Best Actor.

In 2006, the comedian-turned-actor also hit it big in the music arena with critical praise for his chart-topping debut album Unpredictable, racking up honors at a host of award shows including the Grammys, the MTV VMAs, and the BET Awards,

That same year, he was back on the big screen starring in in Miami Vice alongside Colin Farrell, and in Dreamgirls with Eddie Murphy and Beyonce. A more recent critically acclaimed performance surrounded the actor's starring role as slave-turned-bounty hunter in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

Off the film set, , the actor has been rumored to be dating Hollywood actress and Tom Cruise ex, Katie Holmes.

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