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jennifer anistonThe daughter of Days of Our Lives soap star John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston was born in California, but spent most of her childhood in New York where she attended the High School of Performing Arts.

Off-Broadway roles eventually kicked off her professional career before she moved on to TV with short-lived performances in a variety of doomed comedy-variety shows and sitcoms such as The Ben Stiller Show in 1993.

Aniston's big career break finally came with her role as Rachel Green in a newly planned sitcom, Friends Like These in what would became known as Friends by the time it aired in 1994. Not only was the show a mega-hit, it scored a huge following for Aniston herself, whose hairstyle on the show became a popular rage among young 20-somethings.

Marriage to Brad Pitt and the big break up

Aniston next tried her hand at film, racking up critical acclaim in such romantic comedies as She's the One, Picture Perfect, and The Object of My Affection. Along the way, she met actor Brad Pitt and Hollywood's new 'golden couple' were married in 2000.

In 2002, Aniston took the lead part in The Good Girl alongside Jake Gyllenhall and appeared with Jim Carrey in the critically acclaimed comedy, Bruce Almighty in 2003.

The official news of the rumored breakup between Aniston and husband Brad Pitt was announced in January, 2005. Rumors directly linked actress Angelina Jolie to the much gossiped-about split which has its beginnings when Pitt and Jolie began their romance on the set of, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in which they both starred).

Following her separation from Pitt, Aniston officially filed for divorce in March, 2005. Aniston's next love interest was, until late 2006, was actor Vince Vaughn. The tabloids next hotly covered Aniston's breakup with long-time boyfriend and pop rocker John Mayer, followed by more recent reports of a romantic attachment to actor Justin Theroux and hints at an upcoming marriage.

Recent film appearances

Along with intense coverage of her personal life, on screen Aniston continues to receive critical attention for film roles in such hits as Marley & Me, (2008) co-starring Owen Wilson; He's Just Not That into You, (2009) opposite Ben Affleck; and in the comedy movie Horrible Bosses, (2011) opposite Colin Farrell and Jason Bateman. In 2012, Aniston appeared in "Wanderlust" with Paul Rudd and in the comedy "We're the Millers" alongside SNL alum Jason Sudeikis in 2013.

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