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My Super Sweet 16Do you remember the Sweet 16 parties of old?

Your basement with balloons and streamers, CDs playing the hottest hits, and all your popular teen friends under close parental supervision. Well, kiss those day goodbye!.

MTV's My Super Sweet 16. "My Super Sweet Sixteen takes a funny and revealing look at today's real life coming-of-age parties. From all-out bashes to exclusive debutante balls, we learn that sometimes sixteen ain't so sweet."

Meanwhile, welcome to the excesses of the $200,000 Sweet Sixteen. (Nope, that's not a typo. Throw in a Range Rover and the "It" girl is happy.) We no longer have to wonder how the other half lives. We can tune in and attend their Sweet Sixteen's first hand as MTV brings the party right to your living room.

Each episode highlights another teen planning their Sweet Sixteen. And the most dramatic scenes appear when the plan sours and the Princess throws a tantrum. What to you mean I can't have a private jet trip to Paris??

Often featuring pink pool water, celebrity appearances, red carpets, runway fashion shows, and tennis courts it only leaves one question - what will the Sweet Sixteen Princess think of next...?

With all the drama involved, My Super Sweet 16 has even gone down in pop culture history for helping to launch the career of Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence - who filmed an MTV promo for the show early on in her career!

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