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SurvivorCBS kicked off the 30th season of its wildly successful Survivor franchise with another popular round of new castaways when "Survivor Worlds Apart" debuted on Wednesday, February 20, 2015 at 8:00pm ET..

The "game-changing twist" this season? There was an extra vote, in which one player could vote twice at a single Tribal Council (which was offered during the season's Survivor Auction.) In total there were 18 contestants this season divided into three tribes of six players each in a social class: white collar, blue collar, and no collar.

The two-hour season finale aired on May 20, 2015, when Mike Holloway was named the winner over Carolyn Rivera and Will Sims II in a 6–1–1 vote.

It was one of the most nailbiting seasons ever - and one of the most climactic - when blue collar underdog Mike managed to outwit and outlast better-heeled and better educated competitors (even a Ph.D.) to walk off with the title of Sole Survivor.

Celebrating Survivor?
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Survivor Worlds Apart cast

survivor season 30 cast

Blue Collar

Dan Foley, 47, a postal worker from Gorham, Maine
Kelly Remington, 44, a state trooper from Grand Island, New York
Lindsey Cascaddan, 24, a hairdresser from College Park, Florida
Mike Holloway, 38, an oil driller from North Richland Hills, Texas - WINNER
Rodney Lavoie Jr., 24, a general contractor from Boston, Massachusetts
Sierra Dawn Thomas, 27, a barrel racer from Roy, Utah

No Collar

Hali Ford, 25, a law student from San Francisco
Jenn Brown, 22, a sailing instructor from Long Beach, California
Joe Anglim, 25, a jewelry designer from Scottsdale, Arizona
Nina Poersch, 51, a hearing advocate from Palmdale, California
Vince Sly, 32, a coconut vendor from Santa Monica, California
Will Sims II, 41, a Youtube star from Sherman Oaks, California

White Collar

Carolyn Rivera, 52, a corporate executive from Tampa, Florida
Joaquin Souberbielle, 27, a marketing director from Valley Stream, New York
Max Dawson, 37, a media consultant with a Ph.D. from Topanga, California
Shirin Oskooi, 31, a Yahoo Executive from San Francisco
So Kim, 31, a retail buyer from Long Beach, California
Tyler Fredrickson, 33, an ex-talent agent assistant from Los Angeles

How Survivor Works

The strategy Survivor contestants use on each other to form alliances and defeat enemies has roots in the history of war.

To become Sole Survivor, players must rely on a combination of well-thought out strategy and seat-of-your pants decision making, not to mention delicate diplomacy ... and good old-fashioned bluffing.

Jeff Probst explains, “Survivor is a war. The show deals with leadership and how you defeat the other tribe. It’s interesting how much it plays into the game all the way through.”

Whether you have never missed an episode, or have no clue what immunity is, the resources below will help you get to the heart of Survivor. Host Jeff Probst is ready to tell it like it is, and to use his clever questioning techniques to separate the lies from the truth as he calls contestants out on relationships, broken promises, or bold faced lies.
Throughout the season, keep it right here for rumors & spoilers, weekly psych-outs and tribal squabbles, plus regular updates on weekly eliminations.

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