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TelenovelasBy far Latin America's most irresistable export, telenovelas have become a mutli-million dollar industry.

In fact, they often rival Hollywood's influence in star making power, both on film and radio, as telenovelas also spawn top song hits and launch the careers of young pop singers throughout Latin America.

This is the popular genre in which international stars such as Salma Hayek and Gael Garcia Bernal got their start in 1989's Teresa - and where presently major telenovela stars are putting in their bid for worldwide fame.

The most-widely marketed serials are the romantic and traditionally soapy telenovelas from Mexico, followed by the more racy Brazilian telenovelas featuring gay lovers and other controversial themes. Arguably the most sophisticated storylines come from studios based in Colombia & Argentina.

Telenovelas Worldwide

Salma Hayek hit the big time in Mexico in the 1980's, when
she starred in "Teresa" before moving to Hollywood.

And they're not shy about exporting them. Having already conquered Latin America, telenovelas are being viewed somewhere on the planet every night of the week by audiences glued to their favorites.

They've already hooked audiences in the US on Univision, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Israel, Africa, Indonesia and Malyasia - all of whom are hoping to catch their favorite TV underdogs battle against all odds to find true love.

Similar to American or UK soap operas, the stories typically follow romantic telenovela plotlines through to their poor-girl-meets-rich-boy conclusion. Along the way, the rich boy's parents try to put a stop to the relationship. (Will they stay together? Will true love triumph? Stay tuned!)

Telenovelas differ from traditional soap operas, however, in that they do not typically go on forever but are limited to about 100 one-hour episodes. They are also definite "must see" primetime viewing. The final and climactic episode is often responsible for clearing the streets in thousands of communities worldwide — as everyone stays home to see how it ends.

Telenovelas on the Web

For the complete picture, surf around for more on popular telenovela stars in video clips & pictures, hear about rumors and gossip in busy online chats & forums, or keep up-to-date with your favorite plot lines as telenovela buzz continues to roll on, online ....

Sofia Vergara was a model and TV actress in her native Colombia
before moving on to the American TV hit "Modern Family"

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