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Cured breast of puffin with orange and vanilla syrup


Number of Servings: 8
Prep Time: 12 1/2 hr Skill Level: Expert


Curing mix:
150 gr Brown sugar
100 gr Salt
1 tbls Thyme
1 tbls Rosemary
1 tbls Ground fennel seeds
2 tbls rosepepper
1 tbls mustardseeds

Orange vanilla syrup:
1 líter Orange juice
1 vanilla bean
2 garlic cloves
2 dl Olive oil


1. Mix ingredients for curing mix.

2. Cover puffin breasts with the mix and cure for 12 hours.

3. In a thick bottomed pan, reduce the orange juice with the garlic and vanilla until it forms a thick syrup, then work in a mixer with the oil until well blended.

4. Remove meat from curing mix and serve with orange vanilla syrup.

Helpful Hints:

Puffin is a traditional dish in Iceland where the wild game birds have been part of the diet since the earliest settlers. Puffin is not easy to obtain outside of Iceland. In the USA the wild birds have been hunted to the brink of extinction. Icelanders are a bit more careful with their natural resources and still have many Puffin - the national bird - while being able to enjoy a puffin feast.

Submitted By :

Ágúst Már Chef de cuisine

Web Link :

Lćkjarbrekka Restaurant Reykjavik


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