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Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Many people think of Las Vegas and Reno as gambling oases in the hot desert of Nevada, but this state is also the setting for one of the most phenomenal lakes in the US - Lake Tahoe - and there are plenty of other spots for fun water activities.

In Nevada, it's all cool...

DID YOU KNOW? Nevada lake beaches fun facts:

"I know it was you, Fredo."

Fleur de Lac, a mansion located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, served as the site of Michael Corleone's family home in the Godfather Part II. The house sits inside a walled compound of multi-million dollar condos at Tahoe Pines.

Las Vegas too hot to handle? Cool off at Boulder Beach and Cottonwood Cove -- two popular swimming spots just outside Nevada's gambling capital on Lake Mead.

• What once was an industrial-strength gravel pit has today been turned into top-rated Sparks, Nevada beach area at Sparks Marina Park which also offers scuba diving, a popular dog park, and a fishing pier.

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Beaches in Nevada
- USA Today guide offers up the top beach areas within the state including overviews of Lake Tahoe beaches, Reno area lakes, and Lake Mead swimming areas, with related references and resources.

Lake Tahoe Parks and Beaches - This site lists the beaches around lake Tahoe in detail. They have a good guide to boating in the area that includes other water sports. Good fishing spots are listed, too!

Sand Harbor - Arguably Lake Tahoe's best, this site gives more information on swimming and scuba diving, boating, picnicking and nature trails, along with a stunning photo gallery, and a guide to the annual summer Shakespeare festival during July and August.

National Park Service - Nevada - Best known National Parks in Nevada are Lake Meade and Lake Tahoe, but there are a couple of others to explore. The photos on this site are, as always with the NPS, spectacular, including maps and directions.

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