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young woman at a nude beachNude bathing probably has been popular ever since mankind first skinny-dipped in a refreshing mountain pool.

Today, the growing popularity of nude bathing in beaches worldwide has increased their numbers not only in Europe (where it's been popular for decades) but in the US, the UK and Canada, as well.

Nude beaches for beginners

A first-time visitor to a nude or topless beach or beach resort? There are two important things to know: 1.) Everyone is there to have their day in the sun and 2.) Naked bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Privately-owned nude beaches or beach resorts are probably your best choice for taking your first dip into baring it all. Later, you can discover your own favorite private beach or hideaway (where nudity is sometimes frowned upon by authorities, but not banned altogether.)

Also be sure you know the difference between beaches that tolerate topless sunbathing and those that allow full-nudity. While no signs will be posted to warn you, a quick look around will usually tell you what the traffic will bear (or bare) on each particular beach.

Always observe the first rule of nude beach etiquette, and leave the camera or video recorder at home! For a number of obvious reasons (instant photo uploads to social media sites, for example) picture-taking is usually not a welcome sight at a nude beach.

Like anyone else visiting the beach at the height of the summer, safety tips also apply for avoiding sunburn. That is: apply plenty of sunscreen, wear a big floppy hat to protect neck and shoulders, and avoid staying out in the sun for too-long a time, especially from noon to 4 when the sun is at its hottest.

Although they may not be acceptable to everyone, for those who prefer an all over tan and the freedom of bathing au natural, "clothing optional" or nudist beaches are the perfect choice. Other than following these few simple common sense suggestions, feel free to wear little or nothing at all at as Mother Nature intended.

Let loose... and have fun!

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