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Whether your idea of jumping the waves is water skis, a wakeboard, or a jet ski...getting pulled by a boat, a kite, or a trained dolphin... there's something about the feeling of gliding on water as you skim through the waves that keeps you coming back, no matter how many times you get dunked!

Safety first - Although you may be gliding over the water, it can be a jungle out there if you're not careful. Just because water skiing, wakeboarding, or jet skiing is permitted doesn't mean you can let down your guard when it comes to safety.

Listen to precautions, be mindful of weather forecasts, and - due to the increasing popularity of taking to the water at high speeds - watch out for others at all times.

In addition to other skiiers, that also means swimmers, bathers, and boats!

Around the Web, check more how to's & tips on safety and technique that will make it even more fun gliding across the ocean, along with top locations in the US and worldwide for finding the best spots for wave jumping throughout the summer ....

More about water skiing, wakeboarding & jet skiing around the Web:

USA Water Ski - This is the site of the National Governing Body for organized water skiing in the United States - the address is on Holy Cow Road - which fits the information on the site. Schools, camps, competition news, articles, ads for equipment and links to cover anything they may have missed.

Wakeboarder - Think of a skateboard without wheels, or a snowboard, on the water - behind a boat - using the wake as the ramp to gain height. Tricky with a small boat, but with a boat over 22 feet cruising at a good clip... extreme! This site covers the basics and the pros with photos, forum and lots of other goodies.

Shuswap Lake Waterski and Wakeboard Centre - At first glance this looks like a pro shop - because it is. It is also one of the best resources on this topic online. Take a look...

Waterski Online - The online version of the magazine is a well done professional site. Plenty of good articles and interesting tidbits, on anything water ski or wakeboard related.

Jet - Where to jet ski - Check out reports from all over including lakes, bays and peninsulas nationwide where the skiing is primo, along with worldwide locations and related summer events.

Buying Guides

Renting equipment is the easiest option for casual weekend fun in the sun, but if you're ready to get serious, first read up on what you need to know before buying your own wakeboard, jet ski or set of water skis - and remember: it always pays to shop around:

How to Buy a Jet Ski - Check out expert tips on what to consider before the big purchase, including horsepower, one seater or two seater, where you'll keep it, and other factors.

How to Choose Water Skis - Read the complete guide including types and typical costs, information on water ski length, bindings and fins.

Before You Buy a Wakeboard - Discover tips on beginner boards, with emphasis on choosing the right wakeboard for your style and ability.

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