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Bike pathAfter running, biking is probably the most popular weekend activity for all ages worldwide.

Whether you're traveling solo, or with friends and family, bicycling is a great stress reliever. Just ask any traveler who's returned from a travel bike tour to discover what the world looks like from the seat of a bike. It virtually puts a whole new spin on things.

Nearer to home, meanwhile, biking is always a good excuse just to get out into the open air, and hit a scenic bike path or trail either in major cities or on backwoods country roads.

Biking has always been the top choice for transportation in Europe, but in the U.S., with movements like National Bike to Work Day, the bike is just beginning to replace the traditional gas guzzler -- as America grows to realize the obvious environmental, health, and cost-saving benefits of commuting to work by bike.

As a result, calls for establishing official bike paths are also on the rise in major cities.

More about biking around the Web:

Around the Web, feed your need for speed with information on the best biking trails in your neighborhood, how to keep your bike in peak condition, related safety tips on commuting and recreational biking, how to's on general bike maintenance and upkeep, plus lots more interactive bike stuff in busy online discussion forums ...

Bicycle Trails, Cycling Routes, Bike Maps - Like it says, with a huge directory of information on how and where to find the best bike paths in the U.S. and Canada, with related discussions at the online bulletin board.

Bike Forums - Advice and help with bike repairs, training & nutrition, discussions on family trips, commuting to work, folding bikes, tours and long-distance bicycling, winter cycling and related tips, with used bike seller and buyer trades.

Bicycle Maintenance & Repair Tips - The online Bible of bike upkeep, with expert Sheldon Brown explaining basic how to's on using tools, making repairs, general maintenance and other bicycle tinkering for do-it-yourselfers, with a great collection of related links to more online info on bike frames, bicycling clubs & organizations, and a directory of bike shops in the U.S. and worldwide.

Bicycle Safety : How Not To Get Hit By Cars - That's it in a nutshell, including illustrated tips on avoiding the the Right Hook, Rear End, Crosswalk Slam, and Wrong Way Wallop, plus check out more helpful info on reflective clothing and stickers, suggested reading and related resources.

Bike Helmet Safety Institute - Everything you always wanted to know about helmet fit and sizing, safety standards and design, related reports and statistics.

Free Air - Need air? Check the interactive map or submit your own tip on where to find free air service for cars and bikes provided by gas stations throughout the US and Canada.

Bike paths, cycling maps & routes in major cities:

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Boston Bike Paths Denver Bike Paths Toronto Bike Maps
Philadelphia Bike Maps Seattle Bike Maps Montreal Bike Trails
Atlanta Bike Paths Los Angeles Bike Paths London, UK Bike Routes
Chicago Bike Maps San Francisco Bike Maps Paris Bicycling Routes

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