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dice and gambling chipsLife's a gamble.

Why not have fun with it?

Seasoned gamblers report that there is no greater adrenaline rush than winning big at gambling. On the down side, the depths of despair are also part of the odds. So if you're not prepared to keep you head, games of chance may not be for you.

With all the bad press that gambling receives, there are still rated and reviewed sites with tips and advice on gambling as well as guides to top rated hotels, casinos and popular riverboat cruises in the U.S., UK and Canada.

Gambling beginner? Also learn from online tutorials that teach gambling newbies the basics of craps, how to play poker, how to play blackjack, the rules of roulette, and other popular gambling games.

Just up ahead, also check out recommended gaming sites overseen by reputable organizations helping to make a gambling experience -- online or off -- a safer bet.

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More information about casino & Internet gambling around the Web:

Casino Gambling - Check out this guide to craps essentials, how to play blackjack, roulette, poker, and other games with a casino directory and related resources.

World Casino Directory - Comprehensive guide to major casinos in the US, Mexico and Canada, the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, The Far East, Middle East and Africa, with a huge library of related story articles and gambling how to's for beginners.

Riverboat casinos - Information about dozens of major US riverboat casinos including contact info, photos, background information and related resources from - surprise - Wikipedia.

Casino Party - A great site for the online gambling newbie with a user-friendly guide to UK and worldwide safe online casinos, featuring their own rigorous privacy policy, plus detailed reviews of top gambling sites (pop-up free!), FAQ, tips and tricks, rules, a glossary of betting and gambling terms, and related links.

Gambling Forum - Busy message boards along with reviews and guides to the best online casinos, sports betting and bingo sites along with rules & tips, related glossary of terms, FAQ.

The Online Players Association - The UK watchdog overseeing best practices in online gambling, bingo and poker, with links to recommended sites worldwide.

Center for Gaming Research - The online clearinghouse of gambling industry information and legal guides, gambling directories, related links, interesting factoids and a virtual gaming museum from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Gambling Commission UK - News, press releases, related FAQ, useful resources, problem gambling support.

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