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knitting yarnIt's not just for grandma anymore.

Knitting is the fastest growing trend among independent-minded teens and 20-somethings looking to create their own look and style.

Besides being fun and relaxing, knitting or crocheting is a great way to make your own hand-crafted home decor or hip fashion accessories for yourself, or to give as a gift - all created with your own personal fashion sense.

Who knows? You may even develop your knitting skills to such a level that you may be able to open your own home knitting business someday.

Have fun!

Knitting for newbies - what you'll need:

Basic knitting gear for the beginner is simplicity itself.

Along with a pair of knitting needles (note: thicker needles are easier for newbies to manipulate) and some yarn, other essential knitting gear includes a scissor, measuring tape, tapestry needle (to weave in loose ends), and point protectors for your needles. You may also want to consider buying a knitting bag or tote to store all your gear. Most of the equipment you'll need can be bought at craft or hobby stores or yarn and fabric shops.

The slip knot and casting on - the first steps in knitting

The first step in creating any knitted fabric is to begin with a simple slip knot. The second step is a practice called "casting on" or beginning the first row of stitches. Basically, it is the process of setting up the first row of loops on your needle.

There are various ways to cast on, including the basic wrap cast on, the knit cast on, the cable cast on, and the long-tail cast on. Each knitter has their own personal favorite, but the basic wrap cast-on or knit cast-on is usually the easiest methods when you're first starting out.

Basic knitting stitches and knitting styles

Now that you casting-on under your belt, It's time to introduce the basic stitches. Most beginners start with a basic knit stitch and purl stitch, which is the basis for all knitting.

The knit stitch is basically pulling a loop of yarn through an existing loop on the needle. Pulling it through with the yarn in the back creates the knit stitch. Pulling it through with the yarn in front creates the purl stitch.

In addition, as a beginner you'll also want to discover which of two methods of knitting is right for you - English (or American) style - or Continental style knitting? Most people swear by one method over another - which simply entails holding the yarn in either the right hand or the left hand.

Continental knitting features the yarn held in the left hand. The practice of English knitting places the yarn in the right hand. However, there's no need to complicate the matter. Try both methods, and choose one that you're most comfortable with!

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