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The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo is most often identified with its symbol - the Lion - indicating a regal and magnanimous personality.

With their considerable leadership abilities, those born under this sign can excel in anything they turn their hand to. Holding popular sway over a large circle of friends, Leos are usually called upon to take on the role of the arbiter and often make world-class diplomats.

leo the lion
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Halle Berry, famous Leo
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However, those who are closely acquainted with a Leo also know the other side of their persona — that of the extroverted "class clown" who always like to take center stage.

In love, Leo easily attracts romantic partners, but even after settling down in domestic bliss they tend to have a roving eye. Other possible negative aspects of the sign include a leonine pride and boastfulness, together with an air of gullibility and a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses. A personal betrayal often results in utter surprise.

Leo The LionLeo Fast Facts (July 22 to August 21)

Element : Fire  Ruling planet : Sun  Rules : Heart, spine  Birthstone : Ruby  Color : Gold   Most compatible with : Aries

If their plans are thwarted, Leos tend to become lazy and indolent, and are likely to blame their troubles on a hostile world. However, Leo's are never beaten for long, thanks to a fiery determination, charismatic personality, and an unwavering belief that they are ultimately the rulers of all they survey!

Leo gift ideas

With a flair for the dramatic and a love of center stage, Leos have a natural attraction to the overly theatrical. Tickets to flashy shows with lots of lights and sequins or simply a night out on the town will be deeply appreciated.

Leos, of course, are also natural showmen and therefore bright gold watches, or oversized jewelry, will make the typical Leo beam with pride and happiness.

Leos are especially proud of their manes so a fine comb and brush set, or a decorative costume hair clip or beret will help make them feel and look like the rock stars they truly are!

Famous people born under Leo:

Antonio Banderas, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, Mick Jagger, Magic Johnson, Madonna, Barack Obama, Kevin Spacey, Martha Stewart

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