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The seventh sign in the Zodiac, Libra is represented by the Scales and is most noted for a balanced approach to life, and a love of peace and justice in society as a whole.

As a personality type, Librans strive for civilized relationships with everyone. In addition to being the most charming and persuasive of any sign in the Zodiac, they are also often the most physically attractive.

Matt Damon, famous Libra
Biography - Famous Libras
medieval illustration of Libra
Wikimedia - Libra

Innately kind and gentle, the Libran cannot abide by any form of cruelty and, although very sociable, are instantly turned-off by any type of vulgarity.

Negative aspects of the Libran personality may include an over-dependence on compromise, which may appear to some as a marked lack of conviction. The "lazy Libra" reputation also stems from their naturally laid-back attitude and love of beauty and extravagance.

Libra - The ScalesLibra Fast Facts (September 23 - October 22)

Element : Air  Ruling planet : Venus  Rules : Kidneys, arms, back  
: Opal  Color : Blue  Most compatible with : Aquarius

However, you can always count on their agreeable manner and natural good looks to attract a bevy of friends and romantic partners wherever they go. In love, the Libran can be quite flirtatious, but once committed they make the most loving and sympathetic of partners and are quick to forgive a failing.

At work, Librans have an impatience with routine. Owing to a excellent eye for color and composition, and an ear for music and harmony, they often excel as interior designers, artists, musicians, composers or art critics. Their always impartial judgment also makes them prime candidates for success in careers as diplomats, judges or lawyers.


Libra gift ideas - Born under the sign most associated with equality and harmony, Librans are most attracted to balanced pairs such as candlesticks, bookends, dinner for two, or matching his-and-her gifts.

Elegance is also uppermost in the minds of most Librans, and anything coarse or common will likely turn them off. To truly satisfy a Libran, forget the fish and chips ...and opt instead for the lobster and vintage champagne!

Designer silk scarves, books of poetry, classical music CDs, or tickets to the theater or opera are also perfect matches for refined Libran tastes.

Famous people born under Libra
- Matt Damon, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, John Lennon, Susan Sarandon, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Jones

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