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Medieval reenactors
Medieval couple at the
Portreo Wars, an annual
event sponsored by the
SCA (Society for
Creative Anachromism)

Some folks are content to learn about history in books.

Others are naturally drawn back to simpler times and the way life was lived decades or centuries ago with a desire to relive the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or find out what life was like during the Civil War or in old Colonial America.

For these modern day history buffs, living history is a way to experience part of the challenges and rewards that the people who came before us experienced first-hand.

Around the Web, join the romance and adventure that reenactiment offers with information on how to become a reenactor with locations for the most popular local open-air museums, reenactment companies and historical faires and feasts worldwide ...

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How to Get Started with Reenacting - Check out this extensive and informative guide with tips & advice on getting started and what to expect, finding reenactment groups, choosing a persona and related guide to assembling a costume.

Society for Creative Anachronism - The SCA is the world's largest organization of Renaissance and medieval reenactment companies, with information on associated groups or 'kingdom's' around the globe, rules and regulations, how to become a Renaissance or medieval reenactor, membership info and related resources.

The Civil War Reenactors Home Page - The grandaddy of CW reenactment with information on how to get started, nationwide chapters, related updates, and a busy online forum.

Re-enacting Glossary - Buzzwords and American insider slang for the reenactor, from

ALHFAM Links - Major agricultural, seaport and open-air museum links categorized by U.S. region, as well as related Europe museums; courtesy of The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums.

Living History Museums - Comprehensive lists of historic houses and living history museums throughout the U.S. & Canada.

Annual Gettysburg Reenactment - One of America's most talked about reenactment events with info on ticket purchasing, reenactor participation and registration, photo gallery and related links.

ARLHO - The Australasian Register of Living History Organizations - Details on Australia and New Zealand reenactment groups with an events calendar, links and resources categorized by historical era.

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