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This isn't your mom's minivan...


A motorcycle?

For big families and carpoolers they're out of the question.

But do the math, and you'll find that if you want to get around quickly and easily, with peace of mind about gas mileage (and parking!), a 2-wheeler will win out over a 4-wheeler everytime.

Motorcycles vs cars - pros and cons

The first thing most people think about is the cost, and how much cheaper it is to buy a new motorcycle (on average $2,000 - $4,000) than a brand new car. Gas mileage is another big plus to consider. Motorcycles average a whopping 60 mpg. Compare that to even hybrid cars which currently manage only to reach 50 mpg.

Yet don't jump to the conclusion that motorcycles are somehow "greener" than cars. The downside is that cars can get the kind of mileage with four people aboard while motorcycles only sit two. (Of course, that can be a distinct advantage if you have friends or family who are always begging for a ride somewhere.)

Weather plays a great part in when, and where, you can go in a motorcycle -- and in summer dont expect air conditiioning or the pure pleasure of listening to your favorite CD within the comfort of your car. Hauling a week's worth of groceries? Forget it.

But then there is the pure adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle! Most times, it's just you and the open road, and most beginners report that there's nothing like it. Travel note: in Bermuda and the Caribbean bikes and mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are the only thing allowed on narrow roads. So if you want to see the world, knowing how to ride and troubleshoot a two-wheeler can come in quite handy.

True, motorcycle accident fatalities are far greater than with cars which afford lots of enclosed protection in case of a crash. But the threat of motorcycle accidents can be offset by taking a motorcycle safety course that is practically a requirement in most places before you can even think about being issued a license to drive one. Helmets are usually the first on the list when it comes to motorcycle safety -- followed by long sleeved jacket, shirts and pants, plus goggles or other eye protection.

Just up ahead, hit the information highway for more tips and advice on motorcycles and scooters, related motorcycling Web directories, motorcycle buying guides, discussion boards, motorcycle tips for beginners. and all-important motorcyle safety information.

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