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The twelfth and last sign, Pisces is symbolized by The Fish, and is most noted for being the most spiritually sensitive of any in the Zodiac.

Known most for their kindness and gentleness, Pisces are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear and emotional support along with more practical help to anyone in need.

As a result of their non-threatening demeanor and open acceptance of people in all walks of life, Pisces often enjoy wide popularity among a variety of friends in the social strata.

Pisces, the fish
Elore - Pisces
illustration of Pisces, the fish
Wikimedia - Pisces

Emotional and intuitive, the Pisces personality is often drawn to religions that stress the mystical and unknowable as opposed to those offering more direct personal comfort.

"What goes around comes around" is a favorite Pisces motto, and they are more apt to worry about other's problems more than their own in the belief that taking care of those around them results in good karma, and that their own needs will be met in their proper place and time.

In love, Pisces usually tend not to display the same fiery passion of a Leo or Sagittarius, but are gentle and considerate, often showing extreme devotion and faithfulness to their family and loved ones.

Pisces - The FishPisces Fast Facts (February 20 to March 20)

Element : Water  Ruling planets : Jupiter, Neptune  Rules : Heart, hands  Birthstone : Amethyst  Color : Sea green, silver  Most compatible with : Cancer

Negative aspects include a certain misty quality that makes them less able to cope with the realities of the everyday world, and especially in their youth Pisces are apt to lose their way in daydreaming or, at worst, descend into drug and alcohol abuse.

As adults, Pisces come to fully accept their spiritual responsibilities and tend toward careers in the clergy, as counselors, social workers, or medical professionals. Creative endeavors, as well, are at the forefront of many Piscean careers including those in music, art, and literature.

Also well-aspected is an active career in travel in which Pisces can satisfy their innate wanderlust for exotic, faraway places.

Pisces gift ideas
- Dreamy and starry-eyed Pisces love to fantasize, especially about far-off destinations, so travel books and videos (or a even a quick trip to a lakeside resort), are high on the list of things that would thrill them.

Incredibly imaginative, Pisces are often shy about their creative pursuits. Nevertheless, they often excel at art, music, woodworking or sculpture, so any related supplies or gifts to do with their creative pursuits would be appreciated (just don't let anyone else know that you gave it to them!)

Often drawn to philosophical pursuits, books on Eastern religion or the otherworldly would also appeal to the mystical Pisces.

Famous Pisces people
- Justin Bieber, Daniel Craig, Steve Jobs, Queen Latifa, Rob Lowe, Eva Longoria, Shaquille O'Neal, Bruce Willis

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