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badminton shuttlecock on rackShuttlecock or badminton is a popular sport throughout the world. Whether you're relaxing with friends or a dedicated competitor, playing this sport calls for a good eye and quick reflexes.

With practice anyone can play, but those who can play at the highest levels make the matches as exciting for the spectators as they are for the players.

Shuttles have been clocked leaving the racket at speeds of close to 200 mph—making badminton the world's fastest racquet sport...

also see -> Olympic Badminton.


More about badminton around the Web:

Badminton Central Discussion Forms - Find top rankings for world badminton athletes, tips for improving your game, and product reviews for rackets, shuttles, strings and other equipment along with some badminton humor, bios of the top international stars and photos of players in action. - At first glance it seems that they are just another place selling stuff, but move down the page a bit and you'll come to the reviews and resources. This is good stuff. Hydrating the shuttle, measuring speed and getting your shuttles to achieve greater speeds by all sorts of techniques, stringing, stamina... and lots of other tips you won't see elsewhere.

Wikipedia - Badminton - Very precise diagrams of the regulation court - in case your were planning on constructing your own - and very simple but complete explanations of the rules of the game. The shuttlecock article is not as good but if you were wondering where the name came from... this is one possibility.


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