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You may not be the next Joe Torre or Casey Stengel, but you can fantasize all you want ....and that is what fantasy baseball is all about.

Since 1980 people have been able to start their own leagues with the best of the best and win the MLB World Series - of their dreams, at least.

Anything is possible if you get the right players in the draft and know who and when to trade.

How to pick a fantasy baseball team

What's your strategy for choosing players? You may decide on average but well-balanced group of players, choose a power house (but injury-prone) team that knocks 'em out of the park - or is pitching your main focus?

While everyone wants to employ the next Babe Ruth, remember that pitching is usually good for as many fantasy wins as good hitting -- just like in the real world. So your top pick for starting pitcher is important — major league important.

Whatever angle you choose, also note that the biggest mistake fantasy baseball managers can make is not having a strategy. Decide on one, and stick with it for the long haul for best results.

More information on fantasy baseball around the Web:

Just up ahead, keep up-to-date on all the players and stay on top of your fantasy team with help from expert sites from around the Web featuring basic fantasy baseball how to's, and other expert tips & tricks for leading your fantasy baseball team to victory.


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Sports Fanatics Fantasy Baseball - Cheat sheets, player rankings, mock draft, injury reports, insider information. Everything you need to know to get your team organized this season.

Fantasy Baseball Hub - Scroll down to the Table of Contents for a baseball world directory of mock drafts, player rankings, depth charts, where to find fantasy trophies and logos plus more on related newsletters, forums and message boards.


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