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hockey playerFantasy hockey is the next best thing to the real excitement of actually managing and running your own NHL hockey team where every move, trade and draft decision is your's to make.

Got what it takes to be the best on ice?

Get help online with top sites offering the latest news and scores, player reports and injury updates, busy forums to trade tips & advice, where to sign up for free league games (or start your own) and everything else you'll need to bring your team to the season championship ...

also see -> Olympic Hockey | Stanley Cup

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Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey - One of the Web's most popular and free sign-ups with the ability to set up your own league, with personalized e-mailed roster and injury alerts, online tips from fantasy hockey experts and related video clips. Fantasy Hockey - All the latest news to keep on top of your game, including busy online message boards, rookie orientation, player and injury news, blog postings, prize info.

NHL Fantasy Hockey - Sign up for free games featuring a live draft room and play in a head-to-head schedule in your own league or join an existing league, with related tips & advice, latest injury reports, player news.

Fantasy Hockey Games & Apps- - Free games with cash prizes including the latest NHL news and feature stories, depth charts, player rankings, daily blogs, message boards.

Fantasy Hockey Journal - "All your tools for your hockey pools" including starting goalies, schedules, guides to NHL team websites, stats, injury updates, game news and scores.


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