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ice skating
How to Ice Skate

It takes a special combination of physical strength, rhythm and grace to skate like the pro's.

However, getting the hang of it is sometimes half the fun!

Ice skating for beginners

If your arms and shoulders are flailing around you're going to lose your balance, so remember that upper body strength is one of the main secrets to keeping a firm footing on the ice.

Extend your arms for balance, and steady as she goes. Resist the urge to push off with your blade tips (a common newbie mistake) but rather push forward with the sides of your blades.

Keep your knees slightly bent, take a deep breath and look straight ahead — staring at your feet only increases the odds of landing on your butt!

If you do happen to fall, getting vertical is easy. Get on your knees, place one foot on the ice, place both hands on your knee, and push up.

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