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little league baseballWHEN: August 18 - 28, 2022 see schedule, below
WHERE: Televised on ESPN, ESPN 2, and ABC live from South Williamsport, PA

In some ways even more hotly contested than the Major League World Series for which it is named, the Little League World Series of baseball was first played in 1947 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and has been held at the same location in August ever since.

With 11-12 year-olds taking the field, national pride is on the line as 8 U.S. and 8 international teams vie for the title of Little League champion. The final game, by tradition, is always slated on the weekend just before Labor Day in the USA.

This year, the 76th Little League Baseball World Series will be played Thursday, August 17 to Sunday, August 28, 2022. All games will be televised in the US in a broadcast partnership among ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, and ABC Sports. Watch for the final game to determine this year's champions on Sunday, August 28, 2022 on ABC beginning at 3PM ET.

NOTE: Pandemic travel restrictions in 2021 kept international teams from participating in last year's games, but are scheduled to be back for a truly authentic world series coming up in 2022!

Little League World Series 2022 TV schedule
all games ET (Eastern Time)

Since the schedule changes little from year to year, check out the tentative 2022 Little League World Series just up ahead. And keep it here for official dates, times and TV channels when they are announced over the summer:

Thursday, August 18 Game 1 1PM ESPN
  Game 2 3PM ESPN
  Game 3 5PM ESPN
  Game 4 7PM ESPN2
Friday, August 19 Game 5 1PM ESPN
  Game 6 3PM ESPN
  Game 7 5PM ESPN
  Game 8 7PM ESPN
Saturday, August 20 Game 9 1PM ESPN
  Game 10 3PM ABC
  Game 11 6PM ESPN
  Game 12 8PM ESPN
Sunday, August 21 Game 13 9AM ESPN
  Game 14 11AM ESPN
  Game 15 1PM ESPN
  Game 16 2PM ABC
Monday, August 22 Game 17 1PM ESPN
  Game 18 3PM ESPN
  Game 19 5PM ESPN2
  Game 20 7PM ESPN2
Tuesday, August 23 Game 21 3PM ESPN
  Game 22 7:30PM ESPN
Wednesday, August 24 Game 23 3PM ESPN
  Game 24 7:30PM ESPN
Thursday, August 25 Game 25 3PM ESPN
  Game 26 7PM ESPN
Saturday, August 27 Game 27 - Tom Seaver final 12:30PM ABC
  Game 28 - Hank Aaron final 3:30PM ABC
Sunday, August 28 Game 29 - Consolation Game 10AM ESPN
  Game 30 - FINAL 3PM ABC


Little League Baseball History & Controversies

Beginning as a competition between American teams in 1947, the Little League World Series has since lived up to its name by becoming a truly international tournament among the best little league baseball teams from around the world.

Today, the Little League Series is one of eight tournaments sponsored by Little League International, including several softball competitions for girls in various age divisions.

Major league stars who started in the Little League included Derek Jeter, Tom Seaver, and Nolan Ryan.

Controversies surrounding the Little League World Series usually center on players' ages, with the most famous case occurring in 2001, when star pitcher Danny Almonte was disqualified from play when he was found to be two years older than he claimed, touching off a national media frenzy.

Other related scandals also reflect the heated competition of little league baseball, as power players are sometimes brought in from hundreds of miles away to play for the "home" team.

Illustrious former baseball little leaguers who went on to star in the big leagues include George Brett, Catfish Hunter, Derek Jeter, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Jr., Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton and Carl Yastrzemski.

perfect game movie
Little League goes Hollywood.

DID YOU KNOW? Little League Baseball World Series fun facts

• In 1957, the first Little League World Series champions from outside the United States was a team from Monterrey, Mexico, when Angel Macias pitched the first and only perfect game in the LLWS to defeat La Mesa, California, 4-0 in the final. The true-life story was later made into a Hollywood film, The Perfect Game, in 2009.

• Although coverage only included the championship game, the first televised Little League World Series aired on ABC's "Wide World of Sports" in 1963.

• The LLWS final has been played only once without a U.S. team. The year was 1985 when Mexicali, Mexico advanced all the way to the championship, ultimately losing to Seoul, South Korea.

• The LLWS is truly a "world" series. Teams from six different continents compete, although no team from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East has ever made it to the final.

• Little League is where the first batting helmet with ear coverings was implemented, along with aluminum bat, and the remote-controlled scoreboard. All three innovations were eventually adopted by Major League Baseball.

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