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fencer in full gear for pentathlon competitionOften described as the only sport to truly reflect the ideals of the ancient Olympic Games, the modern pentathlon was created by Pierre de Coubertin and the International Olympic Committee for the 1912 Games.

The aim was to recreate the philosophy of the ancient games - in its search for the perfect all around athlete at the Olympic pentathlon with fencing and shooting, riding, running, and swimming making up the five disciplines needed to compete,

The modern pentathlon has been included in every Olympic competition since. And today, needless to say -- only the most talented athletes need apply.

At sites dedicated to the modern pentathlon, check out more of what it takes to be a classic all-around athlete along with more on the sport's history, related competitions, news, stats and results worldwide ...

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Modern Pentathlon - Detailed history of the sport with related photos, list of individual and team champions, descriptions of the various disciplines & related links, from Wikipedia. .

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