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skateboardingWith continuous ups and downs in popularity since its beginnings in the 1950's, skateboarding first arose in the imaginations of American kids, whose first skateboards were homemade constructions of old skate wheels stuck to planks of plywood.

Despite the "oddball" reputation it endured, skateboarding finally went mainstream thanks to a major marketing push by Hobie, Makaha and other skateboard manufacturers that sprung up in the 1960's.

Skateboarding went on to enjoy varying levels of appeal - from outright craze to small pockets of localized enthusiasm.

Major historical highlights include stunning tricks first performed in California in the 1970's by the famous Z-boys who skated the vertical walls of empty backyard swimming pools, in effect becoming the first vert skaters. That soon led to even more dangerous tricks, such as slash grinds and frontside/backside airs.

While the skateboarding frenzy ebbed once again in the 1980's, the last two decades have nevertheless witnessed a steady interest in ever more exotic flips, jumps and aerials on urban streets.

Today, homemade ramps are also popular in suburban backyards and shopping malls - kickflipping the skateboarding craze into the 21st century as both a competitive sport and weekend pastime.

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