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sports superstars
They have attracted admiring crowds since Olympic athletes first wowed the crowds at the first organized games in ancient Greece.

Today, they can be famous for their prowess in the arena, for tabloid headlines chronicling their personal lives, or probably more importantly -- ranked by popularity on social media sites.

Of course, athletes who've reached the status of superstars are right up their in name recognition with Hollywood celebrities complete with their own entourage and publicity agents.

Just up ahead, check out profiles of some of the most famous athletes of today and the past decade with bios and career highlights, fun facts and trivia, as well as what else they may be famous for off the field...

Muhammad Ali LeBron James Danica Patrick Tony Stewart
Lance Armstrong Derek Jeter Michael Phelps Tim Tebow
David Beckham Jimmie Johnson Alex Rodriguez Mike Tyson
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ryan Lochte Cristiano Ronaldo Dwyane Wade
Roger Federer Bode Miller Wayne Rooney Shaun White
Lindsey Jacobellis Rafael Nadal Maria Sharapova Serena Williams


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