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Every year, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue puts the heat back in February.

And this year there was more of the same as the SI Swimsuit issue did a repeat of one of its most popular cover girls - Kate Upton! The 2017 edition of the SI Swimsuit Issue hit the stands on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

And it wasn't just one cover - but three - of the curvy supermodel to choose from.

Meanwhile, inside the 2017 issue more headlines surrounded the return of veteran SI swimsuit superstar Christie Brinkley who posed this year for a spread with her two equally beautiful daughters.


-- The triple threat SI Swimsuit cover models for 2017 --
Kate Upton, Kate Upton and Kate Upton!

All about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

In the winter of 1964, Sports Illustrated magazine was in its usual sales slump. So the editorial staff at SI decided to try something new.

Babette Marche, a model in a racy (for the time) bikini was splashed across the cover for their new February issue and - surprise! - the very first SI swimsuit issue was almost an instant sellout.

Soon, hot-blooded sports fans by the millions were waiting at mailboxes for delivery of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in an annual winter tradition.

Since then, Sports Illustrated is credited with almost single-handedly launching the Era of the Supermodel, giving rise to the careers of Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, Rachel Hunter, Elle Macpherson and Kathy Ireland (to name only a few) who have since graced the cover.

The 2006 landmark "topless" cover featured models Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Hunter, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benitez, Carolyn Murphy and Yamila Diaz. Inside, Heidi Klum was the featured photo spread and, (just to keep it fairly legit as a sports issue), tennis pro Maria Sharapova also appeared in the lower right hand corner over the sub-headline, "...As You've Never Seen Her".

Fortunately, fans no longer have to wait anxiously at their mailboxes for the hardcopy, and enjoy almost instantaneous access to the swimsuit issue online - including model profiles, behind the scenes photo shoots and video clips, along with an entire archive of favorite editions.

Check them all out here ....

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