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ping pong playerFirst begun as a fun, social activity ping pong was first popularized in 19th century England from which the table tennis craze spread throughout Europe.

Japan also introduced a game very similar to ping pong that was afterwards introduced to China. Today, table tennis remains one of the most popular pasttimes worldwide - requiring only a paddle, a table, and ping pong ball to play.

Although it endures as a favorite family room pasttime, table tennis is also considered a "pure" sport that prohibits all manner of technological advancements under strict rules laid down by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), as well as by the Olympic committee after Olympic table tennis was introduced to the world games in 1988.

Whether you play professionally, in the backyard or basement rec room, check out the facts, rules, equipment guides, along with fun facts, history, and trivia associated with the game....

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USA Table Tennis - Rules of the Game - Learn the official laws and regulations including equipment regulations, behavior unbecoming, wheelchair and disability rules.

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