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gym dumbellsWeightlifting was first recognized as an organized sport around one hundred years ago.

The two lifts regularly featured on televised weightlifting competitions — the snatch and the clean and jerk — are far from the only lifts popular with body builders.

Powerlifting adds the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

Powerlifting held it's first championships in the 1970s and continues to grow in popularity.

There are about 30 other lifts classed as "odd lifts", or all-around lifts, that are less well known. These odd lifts, banished from major competition, still attract many fans around the world.

The tension created by weightlifting (both emotion and physical) by trained athletes has also created the kind of drama and excitement that has elevated Olympic weightlifting into one of the most popularly-watched events at the Olympic summer games.

Just up ahead, check out a world of weightlifting on the Web for more information on the sport, as well as tips for getting started and learning from the pros ....

More about weightlifting around the Web:


The Complete Beginners Guide to Strength Training - Learn the basics of lifting weights with step-by-step guides to getting started, choosing the best workouts, with more on proper nutrition, related videos.

Weight Lifting & Weight Training - Facts and information for novice and experienced weightlifters, including glossary of terms, FAQ, feature articles, event calendar, and an extensive directory of related resources.

O WOW! Olympic Weightlifting on the Web - And a lot more, with one-stop browsing for facts, records and data on U.S., Canadian, and European weightlifting, plus additional resources related to training, safety, tips, routines, equipment & video guides.

NASA Powerlifting - Rules, forums and lots of other information primarily focused on USA teams and weight lifters. Check the picture section for some nice shots showing form and strength.

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) - The organization that makes the rules and organizes international competitions, with probably the best information about technical aspects of the sport available online.

Canadian Powerlifting Union - Rules, current competition information and more on powerlifting in Canada with a good section on the basics of getting started in powerlifting.

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