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college wrestlingAmateur, college and high school based wrestling is very different than the theatrical performances of professional WWE wrestlers, but the goal is always the same.

Pro wrestlers tend to add a bit of acrobatics - flying from the ropes and in and out of the ring - but wrestling universally involves using a set of holds to pin your opponent.

Classical wrestling is more of a total body sport, where one wrestlers grapples with the other, each slipping in and out of potentially permanent holds, until finally one gets the upper hand to pin the opponent down.

Both versions are thrilling to watch, but it's even more exciting when you know the basics and can recognize the basic rules of sports wrestling. These govern the various moves involved in the sport including take-downs (wrestling your opponent to the mat), escapes and reversals, along with illegal holds (grabbing your opponents clothing or headgear) and overall bad sportsmanship -- which may range anywhere from stalling for time to unnecessary roughness.

Just up ahead, take the online tour of sports wrestling with tips for beginners, getting started in high school and college wrestling, as well as a look at professional sports wrestling around the Web...

More about amateur & classic sports wrestling around the Web:

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United World Wrestling - The international organization for wrestling provides a special section for the Olympics along with coverage on other wrestling events around the world, info on rules, great pictures, and much more.


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