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The sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is generally thought to give those born under the sign a streak of perfectionism in all they do.

Quietly observant, self-controlled, and analytical, a Virgo can also be self-critical to the point of inaction whenever they feel that they cannot perfectly master a particular task.

illustration of Virgo, 17th century
Elore - Virgo
illustration of Virgo, the virgin
Wikimedia - Virgo


This has given Virgos a reputation for being extremely fussy and persnickety, going over every minor detail in an effort to get things...just...right.

While they often fail to see the big picture, Virgo's strength comes from an innate curiosity about how things work. If you know anyone who likes deconstructing an electronic toy or gizmo just to see its components, chances are they were born under the sign of Virgo.

Often immaculately dressed, they also generally show a marked interest in the latest health fads, sometimes leading to an inordinate obsession with maintaining peak physical fitness.

Virgo - The VirginVirgo Fast Facts (August 22 to September 21)

Element : Earth  Ruling planet : Mercury  Rules : Shoulders, hips, thighs  Birthstone : Sapphire  Color : Gray, navy blue   Most compatible with : Taurus

In love, Virgos attract others who share their idealism, but are usually slow to enter into marriage. Once settled into a domestic partnership, however, they are extremely thoughtful and loyal, doing everything in their power to make friends and family happy.

Generally self-effacing, Virgos in the workplace are most comfortable working behind the scenes, and excel in positions where they make lasting contributions without having to bask in the limelight. Virgos make excellent researchers, financial officers, bankers, accountants or in any field that will benefit from their extraordinary mastery and attention to detail.

Gift ideas for Virgos

Neatness and order are what makes most Virgos tick. Therefore anything that cleans and organizes, or helps them feel under control will always please fussy, detailed-oriented Virgos. Think: dust-buster, a robotic vacuum cleaner, or a multi-level closet organizer.

In addition, those born under this sign are usually obsessed with proper eating and physical fitness, so a gift basket filled with pure organic foods or health or exercise magazines would greatly please the Virgo's inner health nut. Virgo birthstone: citrine. Color: gray, navy blue.

Famous people born under Virgo
- Cameron Diaz, Gloria Estefan, Richard Gere, Greta Garbo, Stephen King, Keanu Reeves, Charlie Sheen, Lily Tomlin

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