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Earthquake Preparedness 101
What to do before an earthquake hits

If you live in an earthquake zone, there are several steps you can take to help you and your family survive the worst of the damage caused by a major earthquake.

Most importantly, you should have food and supplies set aside to survive the days following a major tremor. Even a mid-level quake may result in serious damage to buildings, roads and public infrastructure.

Although you may be be spared the worst of the destruction, surrounding areas may be severely effected, leaving you and family members without basic necessities like running water, gas or electricity.

Roads may be out. Gas stations may be out of operation. Grocery stores may be closed.

NOW is the time to prepare at home or in the workplace; and remember to have a separate emergency kit in your car in case a severe earthquake hits while you're on the road ...

What to include in an earthquake preparation kit:

  • extra cash - if electricity is cut off, ATM's may not be operating.

  • first aid kit

  • heavy duty work gloves, air mask, goggles

  • generator, batteries, flash lights, battery operated radio or television,

  • bottled water - experts recommend at least 5 gallons or more to be fully prepared in the event that water is shut off for several days.

  • water purification tablets

  • non-perishable foods such as canned meats or fish, can opener, powdered milk, cereal

  • prescription medicines and any over-the-counter remedies you use regularly; and if you have small children - diapers, baby wipes, formula, baby food.

In addition to basic necessities, also think about storing important papers such as birth certificates, titles or deeds to property in airtight plastic bags. Extra clean clothing should also be stored in garbage bags, along with backpacks or sleepinggear, in case you have to move to a temporary shelter.

Besides =basic food stores, don't forget to store special candy treats or snacks that will provide a real morale boost in the midst of post-earthquake cleanup.

Most importantly, let every member of the family know where your earthquake kit can be found in case of emergency for the most effective earthquake preparation plan.

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