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green leafIt's the only planet we've got - and a small one to boot - which still manages to provide everything we need to survive.

What does the earth provide that makes it so well-quipped for human habitation? It includes an oxygen-rich atmosphere, a weather system that provides rain to grow crops, as well as fathoms of ocean to fish.

It makes it very easy to take it all for granted. Yet there's a price to pay for all this abundance, and that is the sure knowledge that all these rich resources are finite.

Right now, the air and water need for our existence are under threat everyday by pollution. Garbage that we throw away fills dumps with toxic residues that poison the environment. Meanwhile, the big oil companies continue to push an agenda for fracking and offshore drilling that have threatened coastal waters and inland water supplies.

Unless we start to take better care of the earth, it will not be able to continue to sustain us. But is it already too late?

It's been only a half century or so since the movement was spawned to raise awareness about exhausting the planet's riches, but after decades the push for environmental awareness remains an uphill battle.

solar panels

Scientists and economists alike predict that solar panels, wind farms, and hydroelectricity will inevitably replace
coal and oil as the planet's prime (and sustainable) energy resources in the not-too-distant future.

Still, victories have been celebrated, such as new initiatives for popularizing hydroponics as an alternative to earth-grown crops, or developing more sustainable energy resources like solar, wind farms, hydroelectricity, (and even algae harvesting) that will replace coal and oil as our prime energy resources someday.

In cities and towns throughout the West, recycling has become the norm instead of the exception. In schools, keeping the planet green has become part of many classrooms with go green projects for kids promising to make the fight against climate change a cause to champion for a whole new generation.

Learn more about efforts to keep the environment green with our Web guide to the best, most comprehensive information, fun facts, and online communities dedicated spreading the word about environmental wellness around the globe.

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