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Goddard Space Flight Center a Real Blast for Kids

Goddard Splace Flight Visitor Center
For younger kids, the Goddard
Visitor Center provides a fun,
scaled-down view of the universe.

A small gem of learning and discovery, the Goddard Space Flight Center is located within the city of Greenbelt, Maryland just outside Washington D.C.

When our family first entered The Goddard Space Flight Center we thought its small size hadn't much to offer compared to other attractions in the DC area, but soon discovered it was chock full of fun, hands-on stuff for kids to do!

Upon arrival, the children were each handed a scavenger hunt sheet. The only way to get the answers was to explore the museum and search the displays and exhibits. This was a good way to get the kids reading the facts while walking around slowly and not just zooming around the place.

When the game was completed, a space center guide checked to see how many were correct, and the person with the most correct answers won the prize. In the end every child won a poster and a pencil and they all walked away smiling

For the smaller ones, the space shuttle cockpit was big hit. The dress-up box allowed them to try on astronaut suits, although I had to explain that they couldn't bring them home with them!

Picture of little astronauts
Little spacesuits provide a perfect
fit for dreaming of a career in space


While here, also don't miss the "Science On A Sphere" exhibit, featuring four projectors that work together to cover a 6-foot wide sphere with photos. Together they create 3-D images that teach the audience about the Earth and the space around it.

Overall, watching their imaginations take off was priceless. It was like they were really zooming through space.

There is such a huge universe out there for kids to learn about. The Goddard Space Flight Center museum gives just the right amount of knowledge for young, growing and interested minds.

Directions: from Washington, DC take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295) North to Greenbelt Road (Route 193). Take Greenbelt Road East for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn left onto IceSat Road. Turn left to reach the Visitor Center.

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