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From the earliest days when mankind discovered fire, to new discoveries during the 17th century Age of Englightment - to 20th century achievements that seemed to travel at the speed of light - science marches on.

Today, there's no evidence that science has any intention of ever slowing down, with
new advancements being made almost daily in the fields of robotics and genetics not to mention current controveries over evolution and cloning

Around the Web, discover how far we've come, and where we're headed, with this online guide to scientific discovery through the ages...

ECHO Science & Technology Center
- THE best, most comprehensive directory for annotated and reviewed listings to science history sites around the Web, in categories ranging from earth science to military technology. And don't miss the 'you are there' collection of first-person accounts of history-making events.

Nobel Prize Productions - And what a production! The staid, august body goes e-crazy here at the official site with an engaging cache of Flash games for kids and teens, feature articles on the great advances in science and technology, and a searchable database of past winners' biographies and accomplishments.

Museum of the History of Science - A very generous offering of online exhibitions from Oxford University, plus a vast, searchable image gallery, related resources, and an online shop of books and slides.

History of Physics and Astronomy - A first-rate list of historic figures, museums, and online exhibitions of physics, astronomy, space exploration, math history and more, from

Human Space Flight - Space History - The full collection from NASA with chronicles of the Apollo, Gemini, and other missions plus more on Skylab, the Space Shuttle including downloadable histories in PDF format.

Classic Chemistry - An extensive collection of related links and databases focusing on historic papers and calculations, plus a glossary of archaic chemistry terms, 'this day in chemistry history', and lots more.

Strange Science - Timeline - Intriguing look at how science stumbled, tripped, and fell into discoveries with the odd tidbit of science history and trivia facts, some of it intentially hilarious.

History of Science Society - Searchable database of 600 institutions, associations, and publications involved with the history of science, technology and medicine, along with a suggested reading bibliography. More with membership.

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