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Like cream in coffee, science and technology are natural partners in a variety of advances from engineering and medicine to computers and flat screen televisions.

Around the Web, find the latest hi-tech news, magazine articles, forums, papers and e-journals, with related information on how often the two topics go hand in hand ...


BUBL Link: Technology - Your one stop for top reviewed resources for medicine, engineering, manufacturing and agricultural technologies

Engineers International - Visitor access to jobs, career advice, discussion forums and an extensive directory of related companies, products, institutes, universities and freeshare.

Links999 - Another great meta-site of resources for learning more about science and technology, robotics, hardware, software, manufacturers, service providers and reference sites.

Engineering Links - 15 main categories, from Aerospace to Reference Books, with links to related breaking news, companies, universities, organizations and newsgroups.

Delft University of Technology Library - Databases with summaries of articles in magazines and congress reports, dissertations, patents, standards, current research, statistics, dictionaries, encyclopedias and more, together with links to online journals, a general Web guide and more.

Women Related Science/Technology Sites - Selected A-Z list of women-related sites focusing on science and technology, with more for the young scientist/engineer at the Websites for Girls page.


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