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Sasquatch - or man in an ape
suit? An iconic photo of Bigfoot
from a 1967 homemade movie.

In America, Bigfoot sightings have a history that spans centuries, and can be traced back to tales told by the early Pacific Northwest Indian tribes.

Eyewitness reports of Bigfoot or a "Wildman of the Woods" were more famously reported by 19th century American pioneers.

Today often described as a 6-foot, tall half-man/half-ape, Bigfoot is said to be still living in the dense and remote forests of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Associated in the popular imagination as a sort of 'missing link' in man's early evolution from the apes - with strange tales of its nocturnal behavior, glowing red eyes, and sometimes aggressive tactics toward encroachers on its remote territory - Bigfoot never fails to fascinate.

Bigfoot evidence?

Various sightings in the 20th century have included photos and homemade movies — the most famous of which is the Patterson-Gimlin film taken by two Bigfoot hunters in 1967.

A Bigfoot first : a 2011 iPhone video sighting  

In 2008, a media firestorm arose over claims by two Georgia Bigfoot hunters that they had bagged the elusive creature. The story was later revealed as an elaborate hoax.

Another recent video sighting - filmed near Spokane, Washington on a personal iPhone - has been making Internet buzz since it was first posted on YouTube in May 2011.

Later in 2011, Russian scientists made headlines in October with a claim of the existence of the legendary creature living in Siberia where, incidentally, Yeti lore is a major tourist attraction.

Although scientific existence has yet to be found to prove the existence of Bigfoot, that doesn't stop Sasquatch hunters from continuing their search, nor does it stem the huge fascination it holds for millions around the world.

Big Foot in pop culture

As popular books on the topic fill store shelves, pop culture remains rich with references including a popular Messin' with Sasquatch U.S. television commercial campaign for Jack's Links beef jerky, as well as its adoption by the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver as an Olympic mascot, "Quatchi."

Along with homemade movies and videos, Hollywood has also taken to churning out dozens of films devoted to the subject over the years including Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1977), Revenge of Bigfoot (1979), Harry and the Hendersons (1987) Little Bigfoot (1997) The Untold/Sasquatch (2002), Suburban Sasquatch (2004) The Unknown/Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch (2005), Bigfoot (2005), Sasquatch Hunters (2005) and Yeti: A Love Story (2006).

More about Big Foot around the Web:

While Bigfoot skeptics abound, more Bigfoot fans of the half-human/half-beast claim a wholehearted belief in the creature. As the hunt continues, check out related news & rumors, pictures, videos, and more information surrounding Bigfoot around the Web ...

big foot map us
Sasquatch? There's a map for that: Big Foot sightings from 1921-2013

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